LPL Research

Market Insight Quarterly | Second Quarter 2019

Stocks Rise, Rates Fall as Investors Position for Lower Rates..

Q2 Earnings: Muddling Through | Weekly Market Commentary | July 15, 2019

We expect slightly positive earnings growth in the second quarter, with substantial drag from falling technology sector earnings...

Central Bank Check-In | Weekly Economic Commentary | July 15, 2019

Financial markets are focused on U.S. monetary policy, but the Federal Reserve (Fed) is only part of the story...

Market Insight Monthly | June 2019

U.S. economic data moderated in June as trade tensions plagued the global economy...

Job Market Stands Strong | Weekly Economic Commentary | July 8, 2019

Labor market conditions rebounded last month from a disappointing May, easing market worries about the impact of trade tensions on…..

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