Insurance & Risk Management

Everybody loves to talk about insurance, right? Not so much, but at Cornerstone Asset Management, we love to talk about it. We understand that an appropriate level of insurance is necessary to give you a solid foundation. If you have noticed a theme across all our services, it is that we do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to putting together your insurance portfolio. We see lots of people who are definitely under-insured, but we see an almost equal number of people that are notably over-insured.

We focus on life, disability, and long-term care insurance and we work with our vast network of insurance company partners, find the appropriate products at a competitive price to suit your unique needs. When we build your portfolio, we take a long-term view and ensure that flexibility is built into your plan. All too often we see too many people bogged down by massive insurance premiums that don’t make sense for their personal situation. Many agents will recommend products based on the size of the premium, instead of the need of the client. Let us be clear, in every recommendation we make, our clients best interest are always at the forefront.

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